Use Your PhD To Start And Grow A Successful Business

Discover the Intersection of Human Data, the Scientific Method, and Entrepreneurship by joining PhDCEO.

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PhDCEO will train you to be a successful entrepreneur. This is something that PhDs are well equipped to do but often fail at for a few simple reasons - they don't understand how to get customers, build a team, sell a product, or pitch investors (Cambridge Enterprise Annual Review).

Cambridge Enterprise is a well-known organization that functions as an incubator for academics, providing funds to help PhDs take their business ideas to the next level.

But, even though this organization provides millions in funding for PhDS who want to become entrepreneurs, the majority of these PhDs fail. 


Because instead of communicating with investors and stakeholders, and instead of participating in meetings, these PhDs stay in the classroom, library and/or lab. They have an academic mindset—not the mindset of an entrepreneur and founder.  

PhDCEO will make sure you avoid this and hundreds of other pitfalls.


Career Training Program


Become A Founder Now, Not Later


Module #1 - Ideation & Idea Validation

Module #2 - Idea To Value Proposition & Business Modeling

Module #3 - Target Market & Productization

Module #4 - Finance, Sales & Marketing

Module #5 - Launching, Promotions & Product Funnels

Module #6 - Founding Members, Team Roles & Scaling

Module #7 - Project Management, Lean & Agile Growth

Module #8 - External Capital & Funding Sources

Module #9 - Investor Relationships & Pitching

Module #10 - Risk Management, Pivoting & Execution

Your PhD Is An Advantage

The scientific method is the foundation of PhDCEO and it’s what will make you a successful founder.

Leverage Your Background

You can leverage your unique PhD background and technical training to start a business successfully.

Idea Validation

Validate your current idea or decide on which of your ideas is best and then transform it into a value proposition.

Value Proposition

Define your value proposition and align it with a target market so you can start building relationships with your ideal customer.

Productize, Sell & Market

Develop your first or next "minimum viable product" and scale it to become profitable through key sales & marketing principles.

Pitch Investors

Learn how to develop investor relationships. Create a suite of investor collateral including your pitch deck and executive summary.